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This Gift is for Bright Futures

This Gift is for Bright Futures

Rumali imagined a different future than the one she grew up with, and she achieved it - this gift helps people like her escape debt bondage. 
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Rumali grew up in rural Bangladesh, watching her family work tirelessly trying to escape debt bondage, an abusive system where landless farm workers are forced to sell their labour in advance, and are paid extremely low wages as they try to pay off their debts. Rumali hoped for a different future, and she achieved it. After training as an electrician, Rumali now works in a large electronics firm, earning a good salary, and is an inspiration to young girls in her community.

“Throughout my life I have witnessed my family work as bonded labour. During my whole life my only dream has been to get rid of this curse of cruel debt bondage.”
This gift changes lives
This Transform Trade gift card is no ordinary gift.
Gifts like this help farmers, producers and artisans in Africa and South Asia earn a fair income for their hard work. Fighting against a deeply unjust global trade system, this gift supports them as they build a more secure, more prosperous future for their families.
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Your recipient will receive a digital gift card via email, similar to this one. Your gift card will contain details of how it will help to support farmers, producers and artisans across Africa and South Asia to earn a fair income for hard work.