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This gift This Gift Makes a Better Cup of Tea

This Gift Makes a Better Cup of Tea

This gift helps support tea workers as they realise their rights, demanding change and better working conditions.
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In India, for example, many tea growers live and work on tea estates, where housing, food and education is supplied by companies who own the land, in lieu of a living wage. Tea estates control the lives of their labourers, with child labour, malnutrition, and appalling living conditions rife among workers who are unable to leave the estates.

Tea is a global industry, and farmers across the world depend upon it for their income. But much of the tea industry relies on exploitation and unfair wages for those who grow it.
This gift changes lives
This Transform Trade gift card is no ordinary gift.
Gifts like this help farmers, producers and artisans in Africa and South Asia earn a fair income for their hard work. Fighting against a deeply unjust global trade system, this gift supports them as they build a more secure, more prosperous future for their families.
What will my recipient receive?

Your recipient will receive a digital gift card via email, similar to this one. Your gift card will contain details of how it will help to support farmers, producers and artisans across Africa and South Asia to earn a fair income for hard work.