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This gift This Gift Is For New Beginnings

This Gift Is For New Beginnings

This gift card makes a real difference to people like Bithi, people working hard to escape debt bondage and build a prosperous future for themselves and their families.
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Your gift makes a real difference.

For ethnic minority communities like Bithi’s in Bangladesh, sometimes the only way to earn a living is by selling your labour in advance, at exploitative rates. With new skills, and increased confidence to challenge social norms and demand their rights, people are earning income in new ways – like tailoring, farming small plots of land, or repairing electronics. With a decent income, they can break free from the cycle of debt bondage, and build a secure and free future for their families.

“We can stay away from the moneylenders now. We do not need to work for them at such a low rate. We have better income options.”
This gift changes lives
This Transform Trade gift card is no ordinary gift.
Gifts like this help farmers, producers and artisans in Africa and South Asia earn a fair income for their hard work. Fighting against a deeply unjust global trade system, this gift supports them as they build a more secure, more prosperous future for their families.
What will my recipient receive?

Your recipient will receive a digital gift card via email, similar to this one. Your gift card will contain details of how it will help to support farmers, producers and artisans across Africa and South Asia to earn a fair income for hard work.