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This gift This Gift Supports Women Entrepreneurs

This Gift Supports Women Entrepreneurs

This gift card helps support women entrepreneurs as they demand higher prices for their produce grow the incomes which support their families. 
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In rural Senegal, most people earn a living though farming. But for women like Adama, coming together as a group means earning enough to invest in new businesses which help them earn more. Instead of selling fruit to traders as individuals, women’s associations are demanding higher prices – because as a collective, they can set their own terms. Donations raised through gift cards are helping women like Adama to become entrepreneurs – and invest in brighter futures.

"With the money I earned from selling fruit to the group, I bought the bissap and sugar to make syrup and juice so I could earn more.”
This gift changes lives
This Transform Trade gift card is no ordinary gift.
Gifts like this help farmers, producers and artisans in Africa and South Asia earn a fair income for their hard work. Fighting against a deeply unjust global trade system, this gift supports them as they build a more secure, more prosperous future for their families.
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Your recipient will receive a digital gift card via email, similar to this one. Your gift card will contain details of how it will help to support farmers, producers and artisans across Africa and South Asia to earn a fair income for hard work.